How Unique Content Writing Helps Websites in Ranking?

In this globalized era, marketers consider content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be entirely different strategies, but they both complement and very much interconnect each other.


Unique content is an SEO term that means the content is not duplicated from anywhere. It plays a significant part in search engine rankings because the search engine algorithms rate original content highly and penalize the websites containing duplicate content.


Original content improves the position of the website on SEO rankings. Often, people search the internet for some information. Some search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo provide their users with the best possible content. Search engines have developed many complex algorithms in order to determine the sites with good quality content. Google penalizes websites that consist of duplicate content. By using proper keywords, the websites have to optimize their content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 


Tips for creating original/unique content:

It’s not a difficult task to write unique content by applying the below tips.


  • Try to use multiple sources while researching.
  • Don’t ever copy text from anywhere else. 
  • Use your unique style.
  • Give a unique structure in your texts.
  • Explain things by using your own reasoning.


You may ask, how unique content writing helps websites in the ranking?


You are at the right place to acquire the solution for your query.


Let’s move right into knowing how content should be concerning boosting website rankings.


Write the content for the targeted audience:

It seems easy to say that your content must reach your audience first, but many companies are facing difficulties while implementing this simple strategy. One must make the content appeals to the interest of his target market. There is no need for all your posts about your service or product, but they all should be related to that particular industry at least.


Keep it all under the same domain name:

Get the traffic and credit the website deserves by keeping the actual/original content under the same roof (your own domain name). Suppose you have a blog with WordPress hosting, then host the blog on your own domain’s subfolder (i.e., Hence, you have an opportunity to showcase all the forms of original content like infographics, videos or whitepapers; you must ensure to embed them on the website and share from there.


Make headlines more attractive:

Don’t underestimate the power of an attractive and effective headline. You ensure to write the headlines that are interesting and clear with rich keywords. Besides, you make sure that your meta descriptions are elaborative on your topic. You must keep in mind that your meta description and meta title show up in the search results.


Use rich keywords:

Using relevant keywords in your content or headlines let your readers know about your post. But, using too many keywords in the content result in penalties for keyword stuffing. You have to use the keywords sparingly and thoughtfully. 


Structure your posts:

Even though your content is great, it can be lost if it is an inefficient and unorganized format. Your content will be attractive if you break it into smaller paragraphs with attractive headlines. Back-end organization is an important factor for search engines. Using a proper tagging hierarchy is essential in maintaining a structured article.


Incorporate Imagery:

Make all your posts consisting of images. A blog post with an image/infographic/video makes a big impression on the viewers. Promote your blogs across all the social media channels.



Duplicate content decreases the website ranking, whereas the unique content improves it. I hope this article helps you to know the importance of unique content writing in improving website ranking. Happy Learning!